Want more customers?
Get more people talking about your business.

Rally your friends, fans and employees to boost your business.

People trust a referral from someone they know over all other advertising. So the fastest way to get more customers is to get everyone talking about your business. Sharing your promotions. Getting their friends to share, too. It’s good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. And Rally does it for you—automatically.

"92% of consumers believe the word of friends and family over all other advertising."


Great marketing doesn't have to be complicated.

Here’s how Rally works.

A rally with friends, employees or fans, and invite them to join

Targeted posts with news and promotions

Your referrals by asking them to share too

Even more engagement with incentives

Make your emails go viral. Add our share button to your next campaign.

One Rally customer sent an email that included a button to share his post.The email had a 10% coupon, and if people shared it with their friends on their favorite social sites, they doubled their discount. This simple share request increased his reach by 150%. And you can take it even further. Ask those who share to join your Rally for even more promotion. And ask them to ask their friends to share. And so on, and so on.

Rally solves the problem of choosing which social media platforms to use,because we integrate with all of them. That means when you click “share”, your post goes out to every single one. Automatically.

We take the power of your post. And increase it exponentially.

You share. Your friends share. Their friends share. Next thing you know, your post has gone viral.

Leverage the power
of friends and contacts.

Track and manage
your posts and shares.

Create more engaging posts.

Generate more
personal referrals.

Tap into a powerful marketing force.

With Rally, your photos and videos generate more action.
People can simply tap on them to learn or do more.

Use your team

Rally tracks all interactions with your contacts across platforms.

Rally can then leverage your network to raise the profile of your business on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest), drive traffic to your website, expand your network, and acquire new customers.

Make your network work for you.

You engage your network and you expand your reach. What better way to find new customers?

It is competitive out there, so start working your network now and become the top-of-mind in your network.


It’s affordable. Effective.

Refer three and it’s free

Obviously, we believe in the power of referrals.
So if you refer three friends, you pay nothing—as long as they continue to subscribe to Rally at your level or above.

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Enough with the talk.

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