Engage the community around your business to promote your message

Rally has everything you need to boost reach and lower marketing costs

Built for mobile, online communications

Mobile first

Mobile is where we spend over 70% of our digital time and manage our contacts.   Attention is hard to get

Multiple channels

The number of apps we use has shrunk. It is email and text plus a few others that vary. Targeting is difficult

Source matters

83% of people trust friends and family over anyone else, when they share conversion rates increase by 4-10x

Authentic communications

Your message becomes a personal recommendation from one friend, who enjoys promoting your business, to another

However they share

Once you send your message to your community they can send it however they are sharing








Wherever they share

Easy cross-channel sharing allows your community to share your content wherever their friends are

We have been having problems with our online marketing. Costs are up, reach is down and mobile is difficult to figure out. Rally gave us a new way to extend our reach through our customers who know us best.

Vice President

Marketing and sales

Rally gives us a way to reward our best customers with profitable promotions and boost our rankings on directory sites with fresh reviews.  Getting our customers talking about our business is a home run.


Local business

The Rally platform creates sharing communities

Engage who you know

To do what you need


Expand reach

Just 100 people promoting your business expands your reach by 10xgiving you access to new audiences


Lower advertising costs

Invest the money you would have spent on paid advertising with your customers, letting them do the marketing for you 


Increase loyalty

Customers that promote your business are more loyal with greater engagement and long-term value

See how a sharing community can grow your business