Easy to use tool to boost posts and promotions to your target audiences

Simplifies the complexity of the Facebook Ads Manager

Paid social is the only way to reliably reach those you already know

Most facebook pages only reach between 5-15% of their page audience

How it works


1. Identify key content

Get more out of what’s working already or increase the reach of important promotions and content


2. Set campaign targets

Our tool easily configures a campaign around those that already know you and other Audiences

3. Boost & expand reach

Initiate a paid Facebook campaign to increase reach, awareness and results that you care about

Rally builds your custom audience to target those that already know you



Load your email list to Rally and target them on social even if they have never engaged with your profile before

Site traffic

Everytime a person clicks on a post and goes to a Rally landing page they are added to your custom audience

Page audience

People that are already interacting with your content but cannot be reached organically


Stay top-of-mind


Lowest cost


Highly effective

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