Rally is a better way to promote your Local Deals

Those who know you best – your customers, friends and employees – share your Deals with their friends and family and promote your business

Compare Rally with local deal sites

Deal Sites

Rally Platform


High take rate = low profit deals

Take rate up to 50% of deal value. 1 of 5 deals are unprofitable and the rest require additional purchases or repeat business to breakeven


Low take rate = high profit deals

60% cheaper than deal sites. Structured to guarantee profitability. A lower take rate means a greater discount can be passed on if desired


Low quality new customers

Attracted by deal, if they return its highly they they will likely use another discount deal


High quality new customers

Referred by your audience and supporters, a strong introduction to your business. Promoting both the business and the deal


Discount audience

Value driven. Not many new users are signing onto deal services


Loyal audience

Your social and email audiences already know and like your business


Deal terms designed for them

Designed to fit their marketing needs for their user base


Deal terms designed for your

Flexible on day, time or type of service. Designed by you to meet the needs of your businesss  


No benefit to existing customers

No opportunity for existing customers to recommend your business or benefit from the referral


Increases customer loyalty

Customers that refer new business to you have greater loyalty and higher average spend

When a local deal is shared by your followers they are both recommending the deal & promoting your business for you

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