Rally changes the game

The voice of your supporters can be more powerful than your marketing

Traditional online marketing:

Your marketing is about you, promoted by you, fighting for attention in a noisy world

A new approach:

Your message becomes a personal recommendation from one friend, who enjoys promoting your business, to another

Explore the how Rally’s solutions can grow your business

Sharing done right engages your audience, expands reach and lowers costs

The Rally template library creates posts that are more engaging and expands reach using campaign proven layouts with optimized calls to action. Your message goes farther and costs less when promoted by your fans 

Rally Groups become sharing communities that reward your customers, employees and everyday people for promoting your business to their friends and followers

The Rally platform manages enrollment, communications, tracking and incentive awards to Rally Group members. Learn more >

Rally groups tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing at scale

Incentivized Share boosts reach, influences the behavior you need

Up to 95% of your followers’ audience are a new audience to your businesses.  Individuals can simply share the post or promotion and promote to their audience.

For more engagement you can add an incentive to the share.  Rally tracks the goals and increased outcomes you achieved through the incentives. Learn more >

Grow your business by distributing Local Deals to those that already follow you on social and email.  Find new customers through normal sharing or an Incentivised Share for extra reach.

Rally processes the purchase of the deal, distribution of the proceeds and redemption in the same way as deal sites. With Rally most of the deal value goes to the merchant for substantial savings. Learn more >

Local Deals add buzz

Expand reach through a paid boost

Increase the reach of your most successful content and promotions to find new customers with a paid boost. Audience targeting and campaign settings are simplified and easy to manage. Learn more >

Automated campaign tools teaches you the best way to expand your engagement, saving time and delivering the right message at the right time

Automation simplifies campaigns


Analytics for campaign insights

Sharing analytics reveals how users are behaving, what content drives user engagement and encourages them to share. Our analytics reveals your most loyal advocates and most successful content or promotion.  We track activity across platforms and in direct peer-to-peer communications

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