Rally ends the cold call and helps sales close more deals

The Problem

There is more pressure on sales to produce. In many cases, lead costs have increased and conversion rates have dropped. Needs

  • Getting a response from prospects
  • Prospecting good leads
  • Closing deals


The Solution

Let sales promote your business by building quality relationships on social and sharing targeted content with their friends and followers


  • Your sales team becomes a referral engine for new business, the most effective source of quality new customers
  • Enlist them to create authentic content around your business
  • Get fresh reviews on listing sites to boost your rankings
  • Social engagement and new content increases your site’s SEO

When you create a sharing community around your sales team, you promote your business through distribution that you control and own


Promote Your Business

Generate thousands of authentic recommendations that turn into sales


Customer Insights

Know who your most powerful advocates are and reward them


Authentic Content

Get powerful user pictures, videos and testimonials talking about your business

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