Rally was designed for local businesses

The Problem

Promoting your business has gotten harder. Costs have increased and there are more sites and channels to manage. Needs:

  • New customers
  • Promote business 
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Move excess inventory profitably

The Solution 

Instead of paying the large internet companies, reward your best customers and let them promote your business for you  

  • Your best customers become a referral engine for new business, the most effective source of quality new customers
  • Enlist them to create authentic content around your business and get fresh reviews on listing sites to boost your rankings
  • Generate buzz with Local Deals profitably 

When you create a sharing community around your business, you promote your business through distribution that you control and own


Promote your business

Generate thousands of authentic recommendations that turn into sales


Fresh reviews

Encourage business reviews, boosting your rating on third party sites and SEO


Customer loyalty

Engaged customers that promote your business spend more


Customer insights

Know who your most powerful advocates are and reward them


Authentic content

Get powerful user pictures, videos and testimonials talking about your business


Easier hiring

Use employee advocacy to hire top talent and reduce attrition

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