Rally was designed for marketing teams

The Problem

Campaigns are getting more difficult and costly

  • Content marketing is increasingly crowded and its difficult to get attention
  • Social ROI is difficult to prove out
  • Passionate customers are unleveraged and unknown  
  • User generated content is more valuable than ever

    The Solution 

    Reward your best customers and let them promote your business for you  

    • Your best customers take actions that increase your campaign’s success
    • Enlist them to create authentic content to share with their followers and promote your content 
    • Social engagement and new content increase your  SEO

      When you create a sharing community around your marketing, you promote your campaigns through distribution that you control and own


      Fresh Reviews

      Encourage business reviews, boosting your rating on third party sites and SEO


      Customer Insights

      Know who your most powerful advocates are and reward them


      Authentic Content

      Get powerful user pictures, videos and testimonials talking about your business

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