Your employees are the best way to find qualified job applicants

The Problem

Finding and hiring quality employees has gotten harder. It takes more time and money. Needs

  • Businesses need to find qualified employees that are a good cultural fit
  • Job boards are crowed and job postings can get many irrelevant applicants
  • Need to promote awareness of company culture and job openings
  • A bad hire has substantial direct and indirect costs


The Solution

Instead of paying the recruiters, job boards and LinkedIn, reward your employees and let them promote your business and job openings for you


  • Your employees becomeĀ a referral engine for applicants, the most effective source of quality employees
  • Enlist them to create authentic content around your business, increasing visibility of your business and its culture
  • Employee referrals cost much less than traditional recruiting and have better results

When you create a sharing community around your culture and job postings, you promote through distribution that you control and own


Promote your business

Generate thousands of applicants that turn into employees and generate visibility for your company


Easier hiring

Use engaged employees to hire top talent and reduce attrition by promoting job openings to their friends and followers


Lower costs

Employee advocacy costs much less than traditional recruiting, invest in your employees

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