Rally is a flexible platform that turns digital word-of-mouth into a marketing channel

The Problem

Client campaigns are getting more difficult and costly

  • Content marketing is increasingly crowded and its difficult to get attention
  • Social ROI is difficult to prove out
  • Passionate customers are unleveraged and unknown to brands
  • User generated content is more valuable than ever


The Solution

Get more out of campaigns by enlisting your clients’ supporters


  • Your clients’ best customers take actions that increase the campaign’s success
  • Enlist them to create authentic content to share with their followers and promote brand content
  • Social engagement and new content increase your clients’ SEO

When you create a sharing community around your campaigns, you create a distribution channel that your client controls and owns


Grow your agency

More effective campaigns mean more clients and better case studies to differentiate your service


Deliver a new channel

Get your client’s message out, distribute by an engaged group of supporters that you access directly


Flexibile use cases

Can be used to increase the effectiveness of you existing social and content campaigns. Increases event or product launch awareness.  

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